I will probaly not update this site any longer. If you want to see new Harry Potter stuff, please visited my main site Soul's Embrace. There are some new Icons and a new drawing of Oliver Phelps.
I'm so sorry for the lack of updates. I had so much on my hands, I hardly found time to go online ... But finally with the new movie and the last book out, I decided to make some new stuff no matter what.
Update - 06.08.2007

6 new Wallpapers ... 1 Daniel Radcliffe, 1 Rupert Grint, 2 Order of the Phoenix, 1 Weasleys

Daniel Radcliffe ~ Rupert Grint ~ Order of the Phoenix ~ Order of the Phoenix ~ Trio ~ Weasleys
Update - 29.07.2007

4 new Wallpapers ... 1 Daniel Radcliffe, 1 Emma Watson, 2 Harry & Ginny

Daniel Radcliffe ~ Emma Watson ~ Harry & Ginny ~ Harry & Ginny